More Meaningful, Less Meaningless

Power of Words

Yesterday I received a letter from a young lacrosse player who said he used to read my original blog for ESPN and it got me thinking. It has been a long while since I wrote on this blog, just about 3 years since my last post. I couldn’t remember my login and was clueless on my password (it happened to be one of my 2 passwords I use for my entire life. If you get your hands on either of them you could high jack my twitter handle and FB page, contact my friends and pretend I was robbed in (insert country of choice here) and tell all my friends they need to wire me (you) a couple thousand dollars to save my life). Why did I stop writing? Life got busy, other things became priorities, I got lazy, I do not know, I just stopped blogging. I am sure we all have things we started and for one reason or another abandoned a long the way, some we should have and some we should not have.

As I sit here and write this I know that I should not have stopped writing. Not that I have a huge fan base or that people are sitting around waiting to hear what I have to say or that public policy hinges on the words that I type. I should not have stopped writing because writing is good for my soul. It gives me time to reflect and to center, to remember what is truly important and what I want my life to stand for, how I want to treat other people and the core values I want to pass down to my son. It allows me to make time in a world that constantly wants to take time. All our time is filled. Filled with worthless pictures and tweets and tv shows and vines and posts and snaps. People are glued to phones and the mind is constantly distracted. I need focus. I need less meaningless and more meaningful.

So if there is something that you should be doing that you are not, something that helps you gain clarity and purpose, my hope is that you pursue it. Go after it tenaciously. Regardless of how long it has been or the stage of life you currently find yourself in, just do it.

Don’t let a week turn into 3 years.

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