Everyone loves an upset.  We love to see David bring down Goliath, to witness a team achieve a feat that we all deemed near impossible.  For us, the spectator, we are only part of the game, the final product and the end victory.  We are all welcomed into the celebration and amazement when the clock hits zero and the unbeatable foe is beaten.

But these victories were birthed long before the game was every played, long before anyone stepped onto the field to go to war and do battle.  Victory started in the hearts and minds of the team as but a tiny ember.  That tiny ember can turn into a raging fire.  That ember that sparked the unimaginable outcome is belief.  Belief in yourself, belief in your teammates, belief in victory.

For all of you who are facing Goliath and are in battles that no one thinks you can win – BELIEVE.  Believe in yourself, believe in your teammates, believe in victory.

For if you do not believe you can win, you have already lost.

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