The 100% Rule

The 100% Rule says that adhering to personal convictions 100% of the time is much easier than doing it 99% of the time.  The rule is simple in theory yet extremely difficult in practice. For example – let’s say you decide that smoking is unhealthy and a habit you never want to take up.  The 100% Rule says that you will have a greater chance of never habitually smoking if you can avoid lighting that first cigarette.  I know that this statement is beyond obvious. Could you have just one cigarette and not become a chain smoker?  Absolutely, but breaking a personal conviction even just once is a slippery slope.  Holding firm only 99% of the time can quickly turn to 95%, which can turn to 50% and on and on until something that you set out to avoid has now become a habit.

Anyone who has broken a diet, a New Year’s resolution, or struggled with an addiction of any kind can attest to this rule.  Everyone can attest to this rule.  We often tell ourselves “just this one time” or “there is no way I could go the rest of my life without ever doing (insert habit here) again.”  What we need to focus on getting through that moment only.  When the next obstacle arrises, and we all know it will, we will deal with it then.  Moment by moment is how we overcome.

I hope that you find the inner strength to adhere to your personal convictions 100% of time and when your convictions are being challenged, may you focus on only the moment.

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