As a player, I know my career is finite.  It will not go on forever.  I try to remember this truth every time I step on the field.  We are all just one play away from a career ending injury.  One cut off the wrong foot, one awkward fall, one high hit and your career could be over.  It is not depressing, it is reality.  I remind myself of this over and over again so that I will not take any opportunity for granted.  Hopefully I will play until I decide to call it quits, but this is not guaranteed and I know it.

True in sports, true in life.

We often convince ourselves that the rules of the world do not apply to us, that we are above the laws of nature.  We believe that we are invincible and the things we see and read only happen to others.  Time is our most limited resource.  We never know when our lives will end and this is a truth that none of us can change.

Appreciate the opportunity that today brings.  Embrace it and enjoy it.  You do not know what is on the horizon so live each day with purpose.

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