Proving others wrong…

This past weekend we held tryouts for our club teams.  There were great players from all over Ohio who attended and the competition was terrific!  The evaluation process was difficult for the coaching staff as it always is when you have so many great players on one field.  It is always hard to tell someone they did not make it to the next round.

As a player, I have tried out for many teams.  Some I made, some I did not.  What I enjoy about trying out for a team is that you have a chance to compete and measure yourself against other players.  Many times, for players who do not make teams, I hear them say, “I will prove you wrong, I will make this team next year.”  They use the fact that they did not make the team as motivation, which is not a bad thing.  However, you will always have people telling you that you are not good enough or you could have done something better.  The world is filled with nay-sayers.  The point is this – if you set out to prove others wrong, you will never accomplish your goal.  You could never ever prove all the doubters wrong.  But, you can control yourself, your attitude, your work ethic, your desire and passion.  For any player that has been cut from a team, I encourage them to say “I will prove myself right, I will make this team next year.”

Don’t prove others wrong, prove yourself right.

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