Everyone loves an upset.  We love to see David bring down Goliath, to witness a team achieve a feat that we all deemed near impossible.  For us, the spectator, we are only part of the game, the final product and the end victory.  We are all welcomed into the celebration and amazement when the clock hits zero and the unbeatable foe is beaten. But these … Continue reading Believe


The other team starts to gain momentum, a quick goal followed by another and then another and then another, with no answer from your squad. You have gone from man to zone defense, you have changed your offensive sets, you’ve tried every other adjustment you can think of. And then your coach calls a timeout. You once again take to the field, but things have … Continue reading Timeouts

People not products

Is anyone else tired of hearing about personal branding?  I learned about it in school, I read about in blogs and articles, I hear people speak of it often. The concept is everywhere in our society, but for those of you who are not familiar with the idea of personal branding, below is the definition sniped from Wikipedia. Personal branding is, for some people, a description of the process … Continue reading People not products